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TV Speaker Accessory

27 April; Author: Brellavisor

A unique TV Speaker Accessory, The one and only inexpensive Sound Bar Alternative on the Market today, This ingenious, simple, yet very effective designed Audio Accessory made specifically for TV’s with Down Firing speakers. ( Speakers Placed on the Bottom pointed at the Floor)

The flaw of this design is, As the Sound wave hits the floor or any objects below, then the Audio wave is bounced aimlessly around the room before reaching your ears. Our natural reaction is to turn up the Volume adding Distortion to the already misdirected sound wave. If you are tired of the annoying sound of your TV then this is an TV Speaker Accessory you need.

The Solution is the Soundverter Turboscoops® this Speaker cover accessory, captures, redirect a streamlined Sound Wave to your Listening area, allowing to remove the distortion in the wave by lowering the volume. Wireless, easy to install your Done. Now you can sit back and Enjoy your TV Viewing.

Pictures do say a Thousand words. If you don’t already know the Blue represents the sound wave before and after the installation of this Unique TV Speaker Accessory.

Listen to the Sound wave being streamline to your Viewing area. Not just seeing but, Hearing also is Believing.
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Sound Bar Alternatives for Better Sounding TV.

15 April; Author: Brellavisor

Well there are a few SOUND BAR ALTERNATIVES available on the net these days. How ever some are not as good as they advertise. These are the SOUNDSCOOPZ ® and the Audiodeflekt. Both of these have failed miserably for the most part as far as the reviews go .  I believe these two concepts were developed on the idea of hopefully Flooding the market. At The Audiodeflekt site one can not even order the item, you will get a error message. Update AudioDeflekt is debunked site Closed.

The SOUNDSCOOPZ ( site shut down)  had registered for a registered trademark and was awarded just to change the name to TV SOUNDSCOOPZ to what appears to deceive the consumer since the other was getting bad reviews from people who had purchased.  Both of these designs are nothing new yet they claim they are! Yet one only has to do a little research to find where they copied there idea from they were called SOUNDRAMS. Which by the way failed miserably also.

Funny these came on to the market after the development of the SOUNDVERTER a well designed and thought out TV SOUND REFLECTOR or as some would say TV SOUND DEFLECTOR.  All who have purchased the SOUNDVERTER™ have been very pleased and amazed.  Before you order a set of these you must first inspect your TV and determine that you in fact have DOWN FIRING SPEAKERS. These TV SOUND REFLECTORS will only work on the DOWN FIRING SPEAKER arrangements.  The SOUNDVERTER™ does provide Better Sounding TV as proven by the customers who have ordered and are very pleased.

Have a look at these and you be the Judge if they are the item that these guys knock off so to speak! Sound Ramp click here!

Why settle for Less when you can have the Best! The SOUNDVERTER™ the best TV Sound Enhancer on the Market! Available on AMAZON

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Better Sounding TV For Less

4 January; Author: Brellavisor

That’s right. That’s what I wrote Better Sounding TV for Less. Want to Improve the Sound of your TV? Have you been searching for answers on How to improved your sound? Want a Sound Bar Alternative? Well, look no further because you have found, what perhaps you have been looking for.


Why does the TV’s sound so bad? Well the answer to that question is the simple. The Smaller the TV the limited areas there are to place Speakers and keep the Picture Frame look. So, were are they? Most people are unaware of the Majority of the Flat Panel TV’s have speakers place on the underneath side of the Bottom of the TV know as in the industry as “Down Firing Speakers”. That’s right. Some manufactures have them on the back of the TV facing the wall. GO FIGURE. Beautiful picture with horrible sound. Ah, uh they got you!

Kinda like buying a Great Boom Box and facing its speakers at the Ground and Turning it on. You would not do that and neither would I.  But now you can have Better Sounding TV for less. This Simple, yet ingenious invention, TV Sound Enhancer Kit™ designed to provide the maximum sound quality coming from  your Factory Speakers and provide the best aesthetic look once installed on your TV. One TV manufacture has caught on to the kraze and now has produce a TV with a reflector built right in.

What is it you ask? It is a remarkable sound reflector created to solve the major problem with the majority of Flat Panel TV’s sold past and present. It is call the TV TURBOSCOOPS®. Invented by a veteran of the U.S. Army. The injected molded model is available today at the website A real Sound Bar Alternative. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself.   Everyone who has purchase a set Simply say Amazing. You to will be Amazed of the improved sound coming from your TV. May I suggest purchasing a set today and resolve the issue of Cranking up the volume to hear and annoying others around you. Not to mention you.


Here are some links the show what is happening to your present sound:


Secondary Sound wave explained: 


Carpet Effects on Sound Waves

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How to improve the SOUND Clarity OF YOUR TV’S with A SOUND BAR ALTERNATIVE

28 April; Author: Brellavisor


Get better sound for your TV with the Original SOUND BAR ALTERNATIVE. This uniquely designed TV SOUND REFLECTORS is very cleverly designed to enhance the Sound of the Down Firing Speakers found on the Majority of Flat Screen TV’s In use today. Don’t be fooled by and Imitator!  Go with the Originator SOUNDVERTER ” TURBO SCOOPS” ® You will be glad you did.  Many have solved their Problem of poorly emitting sound from their Flat screen with this simple yet effective device. Improve TV Sound clarity get a set for your TV today.

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How to get Better Sound for your Flat Screen TV!

27 December; Author: Brellavisor

Simple, yet very effective way to Enhance the sound or your Flat Screen TV. Getting better Sound for your TV using the SOUNDVERTER  TURBOSCOOPS™.  How does it work? By means of Reflection Technology.  They were designed cleverly to fit the Majority of Flat Screen TV’s with down Firing Speakers in use today.  To find out if you have down firing speakers have a look at the Illustrations Below.

Want to know more why your sound is so Terrible with down firing speakers? Have a look at our links concerning sound wave characteristics!



All who have ordered Love their Turbo Scoops ™. Why not Improved the Sound of your TV today!




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Getting the Word out

16 February; Author: Brellavisor

Well, there you have it. The word is getting out about ” Better Sounding TV“, Improved TV sound, and How to Improve the sound of your TV. The word is spreading slowly but, surely about this, Unique invention Call the ” SOUNDVERTER™“. Millions of TV viewers have dealt with the ” Poor Sound Emitting for their Flat Screen TV and trying to figure out how to improve the sound of their TV.

The ones searching on the net on “How to improve Sound“,  have found the “SOUNDVERTER ™” and have improved their sound tremendously to the point of some Boasting around 50% improvement of their sound clarity and intelligible dialogue  . Don’t believe me have a look for your self and you will discover improvement as others who have purchased already have Great Sounding TV with this SOUND BAR ALTERNATIVE. BEWARE OF CHEAP COPY CATS, the will surely disappoint you.




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Who wants to Talk about Patents?

18 January; Author: Brellavisor

Lets Talk about Patents. So, perhaps you are looking for ways to make money from home, create a home base business or bring a new product to the WORLD.

Just wondering how many people are searching for the Proper way to go about Patenting an Item, Idea or create a home base business or  what ever. How to patent it, protect it, market it,  etc. Wondering if they have been approached by some of those FLY-BY- NIGHT, Operations just dying to take all of their money, leaving you broke and angry. For example Did you know that the “AS SEEN ON TV” has been scamming people? Click here to read what Consumeraffairs wrote. Take a minute and do a internet search review on any money making, inventing or home base business program out there before  you do anything.

Well, if you are looking on how to do all of this correctly and how not to be taken by an PATENT ATTORNEY’S or GIMMICK COMPANY’S  that really should not be writing any patents due to their lack of experience and knowledge of the whole patent procedure.  All they care about is, how much money you have in your wallet and how much money they can put of yours in their wallet’s. If you think some how an Patent Attorney or one of these gimmick company’s are looking after your best interest, then you have another thing coming. You have been or will be sold hook, line and sinker! SUCKER! My father use to tell me, there is a SUCKER Born everyday SON!

If I see some interest here, then I will spill the beans on how to protect yourself from being taken in more ways then one. Do I speak for experience? You can decide for yourself.

Here is an example of what I am talking about a product that I invented and it is on the Market but, boy what a eye opener it has been. If you like, I will share with you the experience and what I have learn and will help send you in the right direction. Learn What I have learn, if you really want to learn and Prosper. 

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Flat Panel TV Low Volume

17 January; Author: Brellavisor

Millions are on the search of how to Improve the FLAT PANEL TV LOW VOLUME. In  Their search to enhanced the  Low Volume of their Flat Screen Television sets they are, Only to find an expensive arrangements of add ON audio devices, with additional controllers needed to now adjust their Volume once installed. Well, If you are one of those millions on the Search for Better sounding TV. Look no further than this newly “SOUND BAR ALTERNATIVE DEVICE”.  You will have found what you have been in search of. They are Called “SOUNDVERTERS“. This PATENTED device, uses sound reflection technology to divert and focus the sound wave into your Listening area of the Flat Screen TV’s with Down firing  Speaker’s. ( Illustrated below) At their site you will see testimonials of those who have purchased a set, saved money and are now enjoying their Flat Panel TV’s Volume and not annoying others with the “CRANK  IT UP SYNDROME” in order to hear the dialogue clearly. Don’t be Fooled by Cheap imitators. Go with the originator!


Looking at the Bottom of your TV you will find your Down firing speaker.

Here they are mounted on a 23″ Samsung. located In a Kitchen setting.

Soundverter Installed








Have a look for yourself at SOUNDVERTER.COM

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Originator! Not the Imitator

19 December; Author: Brellavisor

That’s right the One and Only ” US PATENTED SOUNDVETER” Is the, ORIGINATOR NOT THE IMITATOR of the Flat Screen TV sound deflector or as some see it, FLAT SCREEN TV SOUND REFLECTOR.  As with most all GREAT INVENTIONS, someone is going to come along, hope to try, as they may, to create a better mouse trap. Many have tried and Many have Failed.  The SOUNDVERTER’S design, was designed to capture and reflect all of the ACOUSTIC sound wave  not a portion of it, and re-direct it into your listening ears.  Other’s have relied on  simplicity, in hopes to capture and fool some unsuspecting customers. Check it out and you will see the ORIGINAL NOT THE IMITATOR,TRULY UNIVERSAL, TV sound reflector / deflector using sound wave reflection / deflection technology to enhance your Flat Screen TV Sound.

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Buying Domains Do or Don’t?

16 December; Author: Brellavisor

Well I don’t know how much money you have to spend nor do I know what your reason is for buying a Domain. Perhaps you have a business and want some internet exposure. Perhaps you are just wanting to buy a domain and perhaps re-sale it someday. Well there are many places to purchase them these days and their prices are all over the place.  Buying a domain for a business is a very good idea and these days you do not have to spend a small fortune for a functional site. Many of the domain purchase sites offer quick, easy, cut and paste websites for free some charge. But, in the long run it will save you ton’s of money and as time goes and things are profitable you can hire one of those expensive webdesign guys or gals to revamp your site for you and make it spectacular.

On the other hand if you do as I have done. I have played on the net to learn buying domains over the years and have created some cool sites. It is my way of practicing, learning and gaining some knowledge of how the ” DOMAIN WORLD” works.  Some are buying up domains and offer it up for advertisement to make money. Some, buy as I have, like a piece of REAL ESTATE and hold on to them, to see if one day someone will pay good money for them as I have done.  Some of my Domains have become what is know now as “PREMIUM DOMAINS“, such as the one below I have posted. Wow, can you imagine owning this little domain. Did you know that SEX.COM sold for millions years ago.  Have a look at what I came across recently just dabbling.                                                                     premium  Select $2,995.00


Well what ever you do I wish you all the best and success.

If you have a comment feel free to leave one. You won’t be bothered by a bunch of sales ligature that is not my style.


Here is an idea of a site may not be the Greatest but it is working just fine. a newly invented device for FLAT SCREEN TV’S.

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