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Want a gift that keeps on giving year after year. Great for the elderly with hearing issues. The Soundverter simply attaches over the existing speakers of Flat Screen TV’s with Down firing Speakers.  The one and only universal  Sound reflector designed to enhance the sound of your Flat Screen TV.  Now you can have your very own to gift to someone you love and improve the sound quality of their Flat Screen TV. All who have purchase have raved about the improved sound they now are enjoying on their Flat Screen TV. Check out their demo clip at their website

New models coming in the up and Coming New Year.


Merry Christmas From the Folks at

Merry Christmas From the Folks at

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Well perhaps you are like millions searching for ways to improve the sound quality of your Flat Screen TV. Perhaps you have TV’s located through out your house and to install a sound bar on all of those TV’s seems ridiculous. Yet you are still annoyed with the poor sound quality of those flat screen TV’s, having to turn up the Volume to hear the dialogue clearly.

Your search has paid off ! You have found a site that will direct you to the one and Only Sound Reflector designed for a Flat Screen TV with Down firing speakers. They truly enhance the sound of your Flat Screen TV, the moment you installed them on your TV. The one and Only “Soundverter”.

Simple, yet very effective sound reflector that attaches to your TV and redirects ( Reflects) the sound wave into your listening area and allows you to turn down the Volume and hear the Dialogue clearly.

On Sale now and other versions being designed for a better fit for all Flat Screen TV’s

This is how we do it.

Soundverter Installed

Soundverters Installed

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Many have been searching for a Solution to get better sound quality from their Flat Screen TV, Be it for a secondary TV in a quest room or one located in their Kitchen. What is the Solution to improve these types of TV with out purchasing expensive sound devices such as a

Sound reflector for TV

Sound reflector for TV

or a Home theater and who wants to attach these to these smaller TV’s.

Well search no more you have now located the solution to this age old problem. They are called Soundverters, this simple, yet effective Flat Screen TV sound reflector simply attaches over your exsisting down firing speakers and enhance the sound. Now you can have a better sounding TV at a affordable cost.

The one and only Soundverter

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Have a look at what satisfied customers have had to say about this newly invented Sound Reflector for Flat Screen TV’s. This simple, yet effective device is doing better than we ever thought it would.  By means of sound reflection, now the sound wave from the down firing speakers is directed to the viewing area offering a better sound quality.


I came across Soundverter looking for this type of device in the Internet. I am happy with Soundverter and would recommend it. It greatly increased the built in speaker sound quality on my Samsung 46″.

Jim Raskett

After building a “prototype” by cutting a 4 inch pvc pipe into quarters to help with diverting the sound from our “SmartTV” toward the front viewers, In searched on-line for the availability of a similar device. I believe I used “TV, sound and deflectors” as my search words. Your injection molded devices look and work great…better than the “sound-bars” sold to fix the known problem! During my investigation , I also found that all of the cable companies have been switching to CISCO PC Boards in their Cable Boxes which do not reproduce high frequency or human voice sound in the range typical of hearing loss for elderly subscribers. The solution is simply to scream at the Cable provider that only SAMSUNG boxes reproduce the human voice and high frequency sounds! Our provider (Brighthouse) has placed 2 SAMSUNG Boxes in our home and all is well! I also contacted CISCO about the problem to give them a “heads-up” and suggested they utilize elder and war vets with hearing loss to test their PC Boards in the future!


Jim Jeffery

I was looking for a simple solution to improve sound on a TV in a guest 
bedroom. I didn’t want to install a soundbar or speakers. I came across 
your site after a fair amount of searching on Google, and your product 
seemed worth a try.

Adnan Ansar

I think I was just searching the web through yahoo or Google for ” flat screen TV sound enhancer“. I knew what I wanted but I didn’t know it existed or what it was called. It was an easy and reasonably priced solution. It greatly improved the sound of TV which is 65″ but volume required to be max in a relatively normal sized room. Now we have reduced the sound level and enjoy our TV Viewing. I would highly recommend the product to anyone who needed it.

Tiffiany Funk

These are just a few that are now enjoying enhance sound coming from their Flat Screen TV’s. What are you waiting for get a pair for your TV today and start enjoying your Flat Screen TV to it’s fullest.Locexample

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That’s right all who have purchased a pair of Soundverters for their Flat Screen TV agree, they now have a better sounding TV.

Simple yet effective, this newly invented device attaches over the existing down firing speakers of the Flat Screen TV’s and redirects the sound waves to the listening area by means of Sound Reflection.  No need for additional wires, no additional remotes. Great for viewing regular broadcasting. Up till now the only choice for better sounding TV were expensive speaker arrangements. That is not the case any more.

Want Better Sounding TV? Buy a pair for your TV today you and others will be glad you did.


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All who have purchase a pair of  SOUNDVERTERS say the can hear their Flat Screen TV much better after installing a pair of these unique, simple and effective Flat screen TV sound reflectors. Yes, that’s right the one and only Sound reflector for a Flat Screen TV. Now everyone who owns a Flat Screen TV with down firing speakers can have the quality sound they expect for watching regular broadcasting and movies.

Newly invented in 2014 they are now on sale at the website.

So, have you having a hard time hearing the Dialogue of regular broadcasting? Do you have to crank up the volume to hear your TV? Don’t want to shell out lots of cash to get enhance sound eminating from your TV. Give them a try! The come with a 30 day money back guarantee.IMAG1172

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I hear this every time a speak to someone with a Flat Screen TV.  But, now since the conception of the SoundVerter people are saying ” What a great little gadget”. ” I can hear clearly now”.

” I now listen to my TV at a sound level of 9″.  ” This is awesome”. ” Thanks  Soundverter”.

These little gadgets are simple, yet effective.  Those who are hard of hearing now have improved sound emitting from their Flat Screen TV and can enjoy their TV to its fullest potential.

Are you hard of Hearing? Are you Hearing Impaired? Are you tired of having to Crank up the Volume?


Check them out click here Better Sound for my TV.

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The reason the dialogue is hard to hear for the hearing impaired or the non-hearing impaired is due to the Down firing speakers installed in the thin construction of the Flat Screen TV.  So, many have this problem and now there is a simple yet effective device to improve the performance of the down firing speakers of Flat Screen TV’s.  Introducing the Soundverter this unique device attaches over your down firing speakers and directs the sound wave to your listening area.  So, you can how have enhance sound with out breaking your wallet and extra controllers to boot. Now you can achieve better sound quality at a fraction of the cost.

Check them out you will be glad you did. They come with a  30 day money back guarantee and cost much less then a sound bar or a home theater system. Who wants to watch regular broadcasting on a home theater system or attach one to a 32 ” Flat  Screen in a kitchen.


Click here to visit their site SoundVerters.

Click here for a Demo.


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Millions are complaining, Millions are searching, Millions have asked the question, Why does my Flat Screen TV have such poor sound. Well the answer is here. Newly invented a sound reflector for Flat Screen TV’s. Yes, the Soundverter was designed to satisfy the need for better sound with out having to spend an arm and a leg to accomplish it.

Simple, yet very effective, as the customer put it. This unique device is allowing those who already have a Flat Screen TV and have endure the poor sound quality since the date of purchase.  Just think of it, you just laid out a ton of money for a Flat Screen TV and you take it home to find that the sound quality isn’t there and you turn up the volume. Perhaps you have purchase a 32″ TV to put in your kitchen. Do you really want to ad a sound bar to get better sound for your TV? I don’t think so. And I know you don’t want to add a surround sound to it.  So, what do you do?

Purchase a pair of Soundverter’s for your TV and you will be glad you did. 30 day Money Back Guarantee! You can’t beat that. Better sound quality at a reasonable cost.  No wires, no additional remotes. Now you can listen to your regular broadcasting and understand what is being said without cranking up the volume level and annoying your neighbors . Folks who suffer with hard of hearing praise this little device and embrace it. They think of it as a hearing aid.

Check them out at 


Here is a site with people looking for a solution Soundverters


design3IMG_0493 lgIMAG1116


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You have a great picture but, the sound is poor to say the Least.  Well now you can have both at a fraction of the cost of a sound bar or Home Theater system. Do you really want to hook up a sound bar to your 32″ TV? Or a home theater system for that matter?

Newly develop is the “SoundVerter” this simple yet effective device attaches to your TV over top your factory speakers and reflects the sound wave to your Listening area allowing you to lower the volume level and enjoy crisp clear sound emanating from your Flat screen TV.  It is universal and fits most Flat Screen TV’s with the down firing speakers located at the bottom left and right of your TV. A Newer slimmer model is under development for smaller TV’s on a stand.

We also can custom make as set for your TV if you find these will not work.


What you will need  to do for custom made sets:  You will need to take pictures of your speaker configuration with measurements and send them to their support team.  Some of the older model TV’s have the speakers in the rear of the TV and the company is working on a fix for those TV’s.


Striving to make a better sound from a Flat Screen TV.

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