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4 February; Author: Brellavisor

Thank you all in advanced  for viewing my post;

This will enhance the sound of your Flat Screen TV with out spending an arm and a leg! Millions are searching for way to solve their Poor Sound emitting from their Flat Screen TV these days and this product has proven to correct the Problem.  The problem, most already no, the mini speakers are directed towards  floor on almost all of the models, to make room for its sleek design. Thus the sound wave goes to the floor them bounces everywhere except to your listening level of your ears.

The Soundverter™  resolves this problem by reflecting the sound wave to the front of the TV and out towards your ears.

If you CLICK HERE, you will get a look at my kickstarter preview page. I hope you will take sometime and give me a little feed back.

Now it is time to work on the feed back of this project. The only way I know, that I am headed in the right direction is by the feed back.

Care to take a moment and provide me with some feed back?

Dimensions of your TV?

Location of your speakers?

Size of you Speakers?

Volume level you currently listen to your Flat Screen TV?

I need to know the variety that are currently in use out there today.

Video: Improve picture of your Flat Screen TV

TweakTV Click here to go check it out


Special Thanks to All who have taken the time to give me your feedback.



Stay tune more  breaking news!

Take a Journey with me on a an invention conceived. Then working on getting it to the world wide market.



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