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Enhance the Sound of your Flat Screen TV

23 February; Author: Brellavisor

Coming soon to a retailer near you or you can order online.  Finally a solution to the awful sounding FLAT SCREEN TV audio with out costing you an arm and a leg. Not to mention no power required. What do SoundVerters do, They are sound deflectors for your Flat Screen TV.  Designed like a horn which is natures perfect design to amplify a sound, offering better sound for your flat screen TV.

These are the coolest thing since bubble gum. Hello World welcome to the one and only SOUNDVERTERS enhancing the sound of your Flat Screen TV.  They come in a variety of models for a variety Flat Screen currently in use and currently being sold.  What’s great if you don’t find a model that Fits your Flat screen TV we can custom make one to fit.  Just send us pictures of the location of your speakers on your Flat screen TV and measurements.  They are easy to install and made of a durable plastic. Once installed you will notice the enhanced sound pouring out of your Flat Screen TV.

Now you can enjoy your Flat Screen TV’s sound to the fullest with adding additional speakers and wires.  Even if you have a sound bar or home theater you are probably like most people you don’t want to have it on during regular broadcasting.  Why waste energy you don’t need to. The SOUNDVERTER reflects the sound of your speakers to your listening area. Once installed you will find yourself lowering the volume level. They are amazing.

Projected launch date 04/01/2014 or sooner.

Be the first to have your very own set and start enjoying enhance sound coming from your Flat Screen TV.

One of the First models  is ready to come to life thanks to create it for me.  Eric Wilson is our number one designer and when the timing is right you will get to see the first Model here ready for the retail stores. This is one of the best companies to work with that I have discovered in my research. Give them a try if you are trying to bring something to life. They will treat you better than family.

Do you have a retail store you would like to see these on the self. Register and leave us a comment.


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Stay tune for more News Flashes of this Great New gadget.





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