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How to improve the SOUND Clarity OF YOUR TV’S with A SOUND BAR ALTERNATIVE

28 April; Author: Brellavisor


Get better sound for your TV with the Original SOUND BAR ALTERNATIVE. This uniquely designed TV SOUND REFLECTORS is very cleverly designed to enhance the Sound of the Down Firing Speakers found on the Majority of Flat Screen TV’s In use today. Don’t be fooled by and Imitator!  Go with the Originator SOUNDVERTER ” TURBO SCOOPS” ® You will be glad you did.  Many have solved their Problem of poorly emitting sound from their Flat screen with this simple yet effective device. Improve TV Sound clarity get a set for your TV today.

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Originator! Not the Imitator

19 December; Author: Brellavisor

That’s right the One and Only ” US PATENTED SOUNDVETER” Is the, ORIGINATOR NOT THE IMITATOR of the Flat Screen TV sound deflector or as some see it, FLAT SCREEN TV SOUND REFLECTOR.  As with most all GREAT INVENTIONS, someone is going to come along, hope to try, as they may, to create a better mouse trap. Many have tried and Many have Failed.  The SOUNDVERTER’S design, was designed to capture and reflect all of the ACOUSTIC sound wave  not a portion of it, and re-direct it into your listening ears.  Other’s have relied on  simplicity, in hopes to capture and fool some unsuspecting customers. Check it out and you will see the ORIGINAL NOT THE IMITATOR,TRULY UNIVERSAL, TV sound reflector / deflector using sound wave reflection / deflection technology to enhance your Flat Screen TV Sound.

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Best TV Sound Deflector for Flat Screen TV’s

6 December; Author: Brellavisor

A few are trying to compete and one has failed to acquire a patent on their Product. The other has achieved a design patent listed under Ornament. At least he had gained enough knowledge to file for a Patent it would not fail due to prior art as in the one case. The US Patent “Soundverter” Sound Diverter is the original designed, stylish TV sound deflector available on the market today. Original SOUNDBAR ALTERNATIVE to help improve the Sound of your Flat screen TV. Don’t fall for a poorly designed “COPY CAT” that won’t be around long.  SOUNDVERTERS  ARE THE TOP TOM CAT FOR YOUR SOUND DEFLECTION NEEDS. Don’t fall for a simple designed sound Deflector when you can have the Best Universal Designed TV SOUND DEFLECTOR. The original one and only, SOUNDVERTER. You will be glad you choose the Originator, rather than the Imitator. Get better Sound for your Flat screen TV with a Pair of sound reflectors created specifically for your Flat Screen TV.

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Well it is finally here. Better sound for your TV.  That is right you read correctly. The SOUNDVERTER is here to stay and hear to make your TV sound better with just the original speakers that came with your TV.

Simple but Effective,  this unique device channels the sound waves directly into the listening area and improves the sound Clarity of your flat screen TV. Have a look for yourself, below you will find a link for a sound demo. I know you will hear the difference in this video. Many have already order there sets of the SoundVerters. Perhaps it is time for you to do the same.

If you are like millions already searching for the answers to find better sound for your TV, then you have come to the right place and your search is over. The Soundverter will improve the sound of you TV with no messy wires or controllers to deal with. That simple! That Easy!

 Click here to view them

Click here for a SOUND Demo




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Hello World,

Here you have the first sneak peak of what’s to come. The SOUNDVERTER is designed to give Better Sound for your Flat Screen TV’s.  Just a little more time and they will be available to you the public. Then you will start enjoying enhanced sound coming from your Flat Screen TV’s, with out the use of additional power.

Millions  Flat Screen TV’s have been sold, Millions of people are on a quest to achieve better  sound from their Flat Screen TV’s, with out the hassle of additional cost and wires. The  SOUNDVERTER solves the problem of the original down firing speaker’s and reflects the sound wave to your listening area.

SOUNDVERTERS Will be  online and at a retailer near you  before  end of 2014.  Stay tune while we keep you up to date on the latest developments of this new product.


SVFRVW Drawing IMG_0496seview Soundvertera


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