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Hello Everyone,

The order is in and the first prototypes are being produced. Would you like a set?

I have just completed the order with a manufacture and it is just a matter of time you will be able to pick up a set of your own and experience the difference in the sound quality of your Flat Screen TV. If you are like me I love my home theater system but, do not like using it for daily broadcasting.

Now with the SoundVerters™  installed on my Flat Screen TV, I can turn down the volume and hear everything clearly.  I have a small Flat Screen TV in my kitchen and these came in handy.  The sound is so much better and if you are like me I don’t think you want to have a sound bar on your TV in a kitchen. They are simple to install and care-fee, no power required.

Millions of people are searching for a solution on:

How to enhance the sound of my flat screen TV, How to improve the Sound of my Flat Screen TV, Improve the sound on my flat screen TV, How to improve my television sound and so on.

My first run have already been sold. But, there are more to come. The website is being constructed currently and as soon as it is up and running I will post the link here.  Like everything that is invented the more sales the lower the price of the product.  and the product will be posted there by the end of March 2014




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Here is my design of what I refer to as stage two of my Invention. I will reveal the name of it and its purpose in the next post. I am currently working on searching for a manufacture to manufactures these.  I hope that the pledging at Kickstarter, goes well and helps this little piggy,  get to the  the market as soon as possible.

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William Edward Hickson (January 7, 1803 – March 22, 1870), commonly known as W. E. Hickson

He is credited with popularizing the proverb:


If at first you don’t succeed,Try, try, try again

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