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You have a great picture but, the sound is poor to say the Least.  Well now you can have both at a fraction of the cost of a sound bar or Home Theater system. Do you really want to hook up a sound bar to your 32″ TV? Or a home theater system for that matter?

Newly develop is the “SoundVerter” this simple yet effective device attaches to your TV over top your factory speakers and reflects the sound wave to your Listening area allowing you to lower the volume level and enjoy crisp clear sound emanating from your Flat screen TV.  It is universal and fits most Flat Screen TV’s with the down firing speakers located at the bottom left and right of your TV. A Newer slimmer model is under development for smaller TV’s on a stand.

We also can custom make as set for your TV if you find these will not work.


What you will need  to do for custom made sets:  You will need to take pictures of your speaker configuration with measurements and send them to their support team.  Some of the older model TV’s have the speakers in the rear of the TV and the company is working on a fix for those TV’s.


Striving to make a better sound from a Flat Screen TV.

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People who are hard of hearing  loves this new device, By redirecting the sound waves of the flat screen TV you get  a clearer and more direct sound that can be enjoyed after the installation of the SoundVeters. You see the Soundverter is merely a sound reflector and reflects the sound wave of the down firing speaker into your listening area and minimizing the secondary waves created by the down firing speaker of the majority of FLAT Screen TV’s

People like them also  because unlike a sound bar they require no power source and no additional controller to control the volume level.

Many who have purchase have this to say. 

I received my Soundverters last week and am very happy with the product. I am somewhat hard of hearing and my 32″ LG tv is mounted on a stand that rolls under the foot of the bed.The tv is tilted down toward me making the bottom firing speakers send the sound to the back. This product took care of that and made speech and music much more intelligible.       Robert Burtner.

Just received and installed my Soundverters. The quality of my sound improved immensely. I no longer have to turn my television sound level up to 60 in order to hear. My sound level is now set on 17, and it makes me feel like I have a surround sound system in my living room.

This is such a simple, yet perfect, idea. Lacey

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