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TV Speaker Accessory

27 April; Author: Brellavisor

A unique TV Speaker Accessory, The one and only inexpensive Sound Bar Alternative on the Market today, This ingenious, simple, yet very effective designed Audio Accessory made specifically for TV’s with Down Firing speakers. ( Speakers Placed on the Bottom pointed at the Floor)

The flaw of this design is, As the Sound wave hits the floor or any objects below, then the Audio wave is bounced aimlessly around the room before reaching your ears. Our natural reaction is to turn up the Volume adding Distortion to the already misdirected sound wave. If you are tired of the annoying sound of your TV then this is an TV Speaker Accessory you need.

The Solution is the Soundverter Turboscoops® this Speaker cover accessory, captures, redirect a streamlined Sound Wave to your Listening area, allowing to remove the distortion in the wave by lowering the volume. Wireless, easy to install your Done. Now you can sit back and Enjoy your TV Viewing.

Pictures do say a Thousand words. If you don’t already know the Blue represents the sound wave before and after the installation of this Unique TV Speaker Accessory.

Listen to the Sound wave being streamline to your Viewing area. Not just seeing but, Hearing also is Believing.
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Sound Bar Alternatives for Better Sounding TV.

15 April; Author: Brellavisor

Well there are a few SOUND BAR ALTERNATIVES available on the net these days. How ever some are not as good as they advertise. These are the SOUNDSCOOPZ ® and the Audiodeflekt. Both of these have failed miserably for the most part as far as the reviews go .  I believe these two concepts were developed on the idea of hopefully Flooding the market. At The Audiodeflekt site one can not even order the item, you will get a error message. Update AudioDeflekt is debunked site Closed.

The SOUNDSCOOPZ ( site shut down)  had registered for a registered trademark and was awarded just to change the name to TV SOUNDSCOOPZ to what appears to deceive the consumer since the other was getting bad reviews from people who had purchased.  Both of these designs are nothing new yet they claim they are! Yet one only has to do a little research to find where they copied there idea from they were called SOUNDRAMS. Which by the way failed miserably also.

Funny these came on to the market after the development of the SOUNDVERTER a well designed and thought out TV SOUND REFLECTOR or as some would say TV SOUND DEFLECTOR.  All who have purchased the SOUNDVERTER™ have been very pleased and amazed.  Before you order a set of these you must first inspect your TV and determine that you in fact have DOWN FIRING SPEAKERS. These TV SOUND REFLECTORS will only work on the DOWN FIRING SPEAKER arrangements.  The SOUNDVERTER™ does provide Better Sounding TV as proven by the customers who have ordered and are very pleased.

Have a look at these and you be the Judge if they are the item that these guys knock off so to speak! Sound Ramp click here!

Why settle for Less when you can have the Best! The SOUNDVERTER™ the best TV Sound Enhancer on the Market! Available on AMAZON

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