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Buying Domains Do or Don’t?

16 December; Author: Brellavisor

Well I don’t know how much money you have to spend nor do I know what your reason is for buying a Domain. Perhaps you have a business and want some internet exposure. Perhaps you are just wanting to buy a domain and perhaps re-sale it someday. Well there are many places to purchase them these days and their prices are all over the place.  Buying a domain for a business is a very good idea and these days you do not have to spend a small fortune for a functional site. Many of the domain purchase sites offer quick, easy, cut and paste websites for free some charge. But, in the long run it will save you ton’s of money and as time goes and things are profitable you can hire one of those expensive webdesign guys or gals to revamp your site for you and make it spectacular.

On the other hand if you do as I have done. I have played on the net to learn buying domains over the years and have created some cool sites. It is my way of practicing, learning and gaining some knowledge of how the ” DOMAIN WORLD” works.  Some are buying up domains and offer it up for advertisement to make money. Some, buy as I have, like a piece of REAL ESTATE and hold on to them, to see if one day someone will pay good money for them as I have done.  Some of my Domains have become what is know now as “PREMIUM DOMAINS“, such as the one below I have posted. Wow, can you imagine owning this little domain. Did you know that SEX.COM sold for millions years ago.  Have a look at what I came across recently just dabbling.                                                                     premium  Select $2,995.00


Well what ever you do I wish you all the best and success.

If you have a comment feel free to leave one. You won’t be bothered by a bunch of sales ligature that is not my style.


Here is an idea of a site may not be the Greatest but it is working just fine. a newly invented device for FLAT SCREEN TV’S.

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You have got to be kidding me. Has anyone seen the recent Trane Manufacturing Advertisement concerning “Nothing can stop a Trane” where they have a Jet Fighter come in a drop a bomb on a Trane unit and state nothing can stop a Trane. Give me a Break! Really?

Really, Does Trane want their customers to believe that such and event  could take place and their Trane condenser would continue to work. LOL Boy, if that is not a stretch of the truth I don’t know what is. That is like  murdering someone and then  stating he/she has never killed anyone.

Give me a Break.

How stupid does the Trane Manufacture think the consumer is?  I don’t think so Trane. This is false advertisement to the core. Think about it people, do you think the wiring itself could survive such at hit? If that were the case nobody would be able to afford such a unit for their home.

This is crazy advertisement and someone needs to file a law suit against Trane for False advertisement and I would say chance’s are you would win, when it comes time for a real test as shown on TV. No Trane could sustain operation after an explosion like that. LOL

Anyone with any common sense, would know if the wiring breaks down, so does the communication aspects, and I can guarantee you Trane dose not use special wire to sustain such a bombing.  Again you have got to be kidding me. Really?

Come On Trane! Really?

Funny thing about his article. Just using the word Bomb on this blog will proably get more hits then the people that have watched this false advertisement by Trane! If you know what I mean, it will be a tag for this comment.

Hello Goverment, who is suppose to be protecting us. But, Who can’t protect us from this False Advertisement. Apparently Not you! You have allowed it!

How about this I have seen the littlest things Stop a Trane, and laugh about their commercial that nothing can stop a Trane, YEA RIGHT THATS IS THE BIGGEST BULL I HAVE EVER HEARD.

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