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How to get the most from your TV and save money. Get better sound for your TV. They are here and ready for sale. The SoundVerter improving the sound quality, producing better sound for your TV with out the expense of electronic devices. Recyclable and Green.

See what all the fuss is all about. With millions searching to improve the sound quality of their flat screen TV’s here is the one and only non-electronic device that attaches over top your TV’s speakers and directs the sound waves to your ears, allowing you to turn down the volume while watching your favorite programs on your Flat Screen TV. Tested and proven.  No additional controller’s, no wires to fool with.

Buy your set today and start enjoying enhance sound from your Flat Screen TV’s original speakers.

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Hello World,

Here you have the first sneak peak of what’s to come. The SOUNDVERTER is designed to give Better Sound for your Flat Screen TV’s.  Just a little more time and they will be available to you the public. Then you will start enjoying enhanced sound coming from your Flat Screen TV’s, with out the use of additional power.

Millions  Flat Screen TV’s have been sold, Millions of people are on a quest to achieve better  sound from their Flat Screen TV’s, with out the hassle of additional cost and wires. The  SOUNDVERTER solves the problem of the original down firing speaker’s and reflects the sound wave to your listening area.

SOUNDVERTERS Will be  online and at a retailer near you  before  end of 2014.  Stay tune while we keep you up to date on the latest developments of this new product.


SVFRVW Drawing IMG_0496seview Soundvertera


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