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Better Sounding TV Devices

1 February; Author: Brellavisor

So, you want better sound for your Flat Screen TV. There are many devices to choose from but, there is only one Simple, yet effective device that will give you listening pleasure  for years to come from your Flat Screen TV with Down Firing speakers.  No wiring required and easy to install.

Invented just over a year ago and the demand for this simple device is growing.  This simple device was invented by a Laid Off  worker, Father of Two and Two beautiful grandchildren. Who hopes to better his children’s life financially and lead the way for them to think in an inventive way to better their lives and others.

This senior worker who has been in and out of work over the years due to the economy. But, perhaps he has found the key to something that will help him and his Children to have a better life.

What he has invented is a Sound Enhancer for Flat Screen TV’s by means of sound reflection. The Idea speaks for itself and many have already purchased a pair and are enjoying better sounding TV be it regular broadcast shows or a Movie.  It is called the “Soundverter” you can purchase a pair for your Flat Screen TV at


Here is what one customer wrote:

On Saturday, January 31, 2015 3:23

Hi. Wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Soundverter. It was simple, easy to attach. Only took a few minutes and it was ready to use along with a couple adjustments to the TV itself.  Being that I am hard of hearing, it was difficult to distinguish sounds before, but now I can hear the TV perfectly without having to blast it.

Thanks for inventing it.



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So you want better sound for your TV. Well you have some options available to you. Add a Sound Bar which cost run from $100 and up. Add a Home Theater system which range from $300 and up. These are great for movies and such, But what about regular broadcasting. Do you really want these electronic devices on and in use for this purpose? If you are like me, chances are you don’t. Everyone wants quality sound for TV.

So what is the alternative to these devices. Introducing the One and Only SOUNDVERTER. What is a SOUNDVERTER you ask? This is a simple speaker enhancement device that attaches to your existing speakers and reflects the sound waves to your listening area. Allowing you to reduce the current sound level settings that you have become accustom to while viewing your regular broadcasting channels on your Flat Screen TV.

Why is this? The speakers on the majority of Flat Screen TV’s are located at the bottom front of your television and are facing down towards the floor. Thus sending the sound waves downwards and deflecting off  the object that is below it and then deflecting off this object and others in your room before reaching your ears. These are call secondary sound waves. Some of the waves are absorbed by items in your space and never reach your ears.

Better sound for your TV comes when a SOUNDVERTER is installed over your existing speakers directing the sound waves toward the listening area and reducing the secondary sound waves and providing you with clarity and reducing the secondary sound waves. Requiring you to reduce your prior sound level settings. You will be amazed how such a simple device can improve your sound of your Flat Screen TV original speakers. Coming to a retailer near you or you can order online at

 Click here for an Audio Demo 





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How to get the most from your TV and save money. Get better sound for your TV. They are here and ready for sale. The SoundVerter improving the sound quality, producing better sound for your TV with out the expense of electronic devices. Recyclable and Green.

See what all the fuss is all about. With millions searching to improve the sound quality of their flat screen TV’s here is the one and only non-electronic device that attaches over top your TV’s speakers and directs the sound waves to your ears, allowing you to turn down the volume while watching your favorite programs on your Flat Screen TV. Tested and proven.  No additional controller’s, no wires to fool with.

Buy your set today and start enjoying enhance sound from your Flat Screen TV’s original speakers.

Click on link to view SoundVerters

Click on this link for a video demonstration.

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