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Hello America,

SOUNDVERTER  is under patent pending status as of March 4,2014


Well here it is, the patent filing has been completed today.  So, this secures my invention for a 12 month period to my understanding. So, the SOUNDVERTER will be coming to the nation soon and a store near you as soon as all of the necessary procedures have been completed.

People all across the world will be able to have quality sound coming from their Flat Screen TV’s without costing them and arm and a leg.  Great for those TV’s that you can not ad a sound bar to , and I am sure none of you want  a home theater system in your kitchen.

If you have an Idea and are interested in patenting it.  Click on the links below and they will take you to the UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADE MARK OFFICE. The simplest way is to file for a provisional patent which gives you an immediate filing date and patent pending status.  You will find this under Utility Patent at the Electronic Business Center or EBC. The cost only is only $65.00 as long as you can claim micro entity status. Once filed you  have a year to file for a non-provisional patent.   Hope you like to read . All the information you will need is provides at this site.  Good luck.

Links for your viewing

Electronic Business Center  Note: It is worth your time to become a registered filer.

Thanks to all or you  for your support and assistance.

Manufacturing quotes are coming in left and right.

Note to all The registration link located at top has been repaired you can register and make comments thanks.


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