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Better Sounding TV For Less

4 January; Author: Brellavisor

That’s right. That’s what I wrote Better Sounding TV for Less. Want to Improve the Sound of your TV? Have you been searching for answers on How to improved your sound? Want a Sound Bar Alternative? Well, look no further because you have found, what perhaps you have been looking for.


Why does the TV’s sound so bad? Well the answer to that question is the simple. The Smaller the TV the limited areas there are to place Speakers and keep the Picture Frame look. So, were are they? Most people are unaware of the Majority of the Flat Panel TV’s have speakers place on the underneath side of the Bottom of the TV know as in the industry as “Down Firing Speakers”. That’s right. Some manufactures have them on the back of the TV facing the wall. GO FIGURE. Beautiful picture with horrible sound. Ah, uh they got you!

Kinda like buying a Great Boom Box and facing its speakers at the Ground and Turning it on. You would not do that and neither would I.  But now you can have Better Sounding TV for less. This Simple, yet ingenious invention, TV Sound Enhancer Kit™ designed to provide the maximum sound quality coming from  your Factory Speakers and provide the best aesthetic look once installed on your TV. One TV manufacture has caught on to the kraze and now has produce a TV with a reflector built right in.

What is it you ask? It is a remarkable sound reflector created to solve the major problem with the majority of Flat Panel TV’s sold past and present. It is call the TV TURBOSCOOPS®. Invented by a veteran of the U.S. Army. The injected molded model is available today at the website A real Sound Bar Alternative. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself.   Everyone who has purchase a set Simply say Amazing. You to will be Amazed of the improved sound coming from your TV. May I suggest purchasing a set today and resolve the issue of Cranking up the volume to hear and annoying others around you. Not to mention you.


Here are some links the show what is happening to your present sound:


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